Safety Wristbands

$11.99 /pk of 17
Customize & Buy
  • no scuffing or tearing

  • weatherproof

  • won't fade

To your kids, these are “magic power bands” but to you, they're peace of mind. Personalize these Safety Wristbands with your cell phone number or other important information like allergies and special needs. They’re perfect for wearing on school trips, vacation or even a quick trip to the mall.

These wristbands feel like paper but act like plastic. They're water and tear resistant so they'll last the whole day. When you're done, just cut it off and throw it away.

  • school trips
  • theme parks
  • water parks
  • public pools
  • indoor playgrounds
  • the mall
  • vacation
  • size: 7-3/4" x 9/16" | 196mm x 15mm
  • adjustable to fit kid-sized wrists up to about 6.5" around
  • one-time-use, disposable
  • water-resistant
  • weatherproof
  • super-strong adhesive closure
  • high quality, full-color printing
  • scuff-proof
  • tear-resistant
  1. Separate a wristband from the sheet by folding and tearing along the perforations.
  2. Peel off the paper tab to expose the adhesive.
  3. Wrap the wristband around the child's wrist, printed-side-out and stick the ends together. For a comfortable fit, place one or two fingers between the child's wrist and the wristband when sealing.

To remove, use scissors or pull the non-adhesive end in the opposite direction.

These wristbands are not a toy and should be applied by an adult or under adult supervision.

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Absolutely Love Oliver's Labels. I originally bought the labels for my young ones daycare items and then realized putting them (especially the found-it labels) on my daughters bunny's and blankets (her comfort items), was a life saver. I have washed her bunnies and blankets probably 100 times since putting them on, and the labels stay! We are super happy with the labels, and have now made our second purchase.
We LOVE Oliver's labels. They are so durable. We were first introduced to them when we won a package for our first son and haven't looked back. 3 kids later and Oliver's labels are still our first choice in labels.
Ordering for our THIRD school year! These labels STAY ON - through washing and kid wear and tear. Thanks.