About The Oliver's Labels Label League Program

The best compliment is when you recommend Oliver’s Labels to your friends and family. In fact, we appreciate it so much that we designed the Label League Referral Program (formerly known as the “Agent” program) to reward you for spreading the word. You share your own custom referral link and when someone uses it to purchase from Oliver’s Labels, you get 15% commission. You also have the opportunity to earn commission by referring organizations to fundraise with us.

Start by logging into your Oliver’s Labels account and registering to join the Label League. You will be asked to choose a Label League name which will be the suffix for your custom referral link as well as your custom 10% off coupon code. For example, if you choose “janedoe” then your referral link will be “www.oliverslabels.com/janedoe” and your coupon code will be “JANEDOE.” Once you submit your Label League name it will pend approval by Oliver’s Labels. If rejected (because the name you chose is already being used, for example), we will email you asking that you submit a different name. If approved, we will send you an email letting you know that your referral link and coupon are ready to use. You will also have access to the Label League Zone in your Oliver’s Labels account area. The Label League Zone contains pages such as Marketing Materials, Commissions, Program Info, and Terms and Conditions.

Your coupon code is worth 10% off all products and packages (excluding gift cards) and works in conjunction with your referral link. That way, customers are motivated to use your referral link in order to take advantage of your coupon!

When a person uses your referral link, a cookie is stored in their browser so that if they return to the Oliver’s Labels website up to a year later, you will continue to get commission on their purchases.

If you’re making a purchase for yourself, we encourage you to use your own referral link and coupon code. That way, you get a discount plus commission on your own order!

The Marketing Material page in the Label League Zone is full of nifty marketing materials “stamped” with your referral link and coupon code. There are digital assets such as banners, social media images and eBlasts as well as printable materials like pocket flyers, brochures and posters.

Should you decide to dedicate some form of social media to your referring efforts (like a Facebook fan page, blog or Twitter account), we ask that you call it, “Jane loves Oliver’s Labels” to avoid any confusion with the official Oliver’s Labels social media accounts.

For the most up-to-date images, follow the Label League Pinterest board. Also join the Label League Facebook group to get connected to the Oliver’s Labels staff. It’s a great place to get your questions answered and hear about the latest company news. You can also chat with other Label League participants and get ideas on ways to share your link.

A great way to earn commissions is by referring organizations to fundraise with Oliver’s Labels. For example, your kids’ daycare, preschool, school, class, sports team, church or club. They get 20% of every sale toward their fundraising efforts and you get 15% commission on the remaining balance (which works out to 12% commission on the sale). The organization would use your referral link to visit our site and then they can sign themselves up and manage their own fundraising campaign. Nothing for you to do except share your referral link. Also, the fundraiser cannot see the commission you’re getting on their sales.

The Commissions page in the Label League Zone allows you to keep track of orders that have been placed through your referral link, and have shipped (orders that are incomplete or not yet shipped do not appear). You can view the order number, order subtotal and the commission earned via your referral link or via a fundraiser that you referred. During the online checkout process, the customer has the option to share their name with the referrer or fundraiser. If this is selected, the customer’s name will appear with their order number. If it is not selected, the customer will be listed as “private”.

You can request your commission right from the Commissions page. For your first withdrawal, you are required to have a minimum of $60 commission in your account. After that, you can make withdrawals whenever your commissions reach a minimum of $30. You have several payment options; check, PayPal or Oliver’s Labels gift card. For security reasons, we will only use the information in your Oliver’s Labels account to send your payment so please ensure your shipping address, email address and name are all correct before requesting your commission.

Please be sure to read the Referral Program Terms and Conditions to learn more about the dos and don’ts.

Contact us should you have any questions at any time. We’re here to help!

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