Mini Labels

$19.99 /pk of 100
Customize & Buy
  • dishwasher safe

  • microwave & freezer safe

  • no scuffing or tearing

  • weatherproof

These skinny labels fit on just about anything so when you have to buy your kid more pencil crayons, it's because he used them down to their nubs and not because he lost all of them! They're also perfect on eyeglasses and toothbrushes for overnight camp or just a fun sleepover. You'll find 100 places for these cute Mini Labels and, lucky for you, this pack comes with 100 labels. Coincidence? Nope.

Our super-durable name labels are completely waterproof so go ahead and stick them on items that go in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer or outdoors.

Mini Labels are also available in:
Camp Package, School Package
  • toothbrushes
  • eyeglasses
  • pencils
  • pencil crayons
  • markers
  • scissors
  • spoons
  • toys
  • size: 2" x 1/4" | 50mm x 7mm
  • high-performance vinyl
  • waterproof
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwave safe
  • fridge and freezer safe
  • weatherproof
  • super-strong adhesive
  • high quality, full-color printing
  • scuff-proof
  • tear-resistant
  1. Peel and stick to clean, dry, smooth surface.
  2. Smooth down to ensure strong contact.
  3. Wait 24hrs before putting item into dishwasher.

These labels are not a toy and should be applied by an adult or under adult supervision.

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Love all the options and how easy it was to order.
I love everything about the labels but would maybe like to see a couple more font options. Thank you!
Love your products! I have using the mini labels since my son was born and they are AMAZING! Thank you!
Great Labels. Easy to choose, and search & order items. Great characters & colors to choose from.
I always love ordering labels! Quick and easy! They are amazing and I will continue to order till my son says he's to old! :)
We ordered two sets of the mini labels for my twin girls. They are perfect for utensils, cups, tupperware, toys, and even the tags on the stuffed animals. Everything they bring to preschool has a label on it, and we never lose anything! It also helps the staff keep the girls' personal items separate. I have never had to replace a label. They hold up to dishwashing, microwaving, and play. We are very impressed, and have ordered several sets for our friends.
I used to buy similar, yet more expensive labels like these but found these were as high quality as I've ever used and have bought these for over 5 years now (seasonally!) We have had so many items returned because our labels have our last name and cell phone number on them. I have had calls from soccer fields, beaches and pools where we've left some things and had them returned. The best is when we use the neighborhood pool or go to a friends' house and the next day finding things on our doorstep that we'd left somewhere and hadn't even known we'd lost or forgotten because a friend knew to whom it belonged!
Since my son was 2 he has needed labels. He is now a few Weeks shy of 7. Labels on towels or anything has stayed on since first time Placed on any product. Never disappointed and worth the price.
Love these labels. They stay put and are great on all of my sons things including shoes, clothing, tupperware and more for school!
I love these labels! Since ordering my first batch, I've saved hundreds of dollars in lost items at school.
Very durable labels!
Best labels ever!
Love these labels! I bought them for my first son 4 years ago and they have still managed to remain on his containers and water bottles even now (after so many dishwasher cycles, too). Thanks!
Love your products :)
Fantastic quality and cute!
I absolutely LOVE these labels! The adhesive on them are so reliable that even when you peel it off and stick it somewhere else, they STILL stick! They are definitely waterproof. I love them so much that I ordered EACH of my family members a set of name labels to enjoy :o)
Really sturdy stickers. A little expensive, but worth it. Especially since if you reorder, you are given a discount!
Your labels are the best!!! excellent products..